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A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia.

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Founder Of Company

Five Stars Casings is one of the largest and most significant groups of company in the region active in producing different types of products, Like Sheep Casings, Beef Casings, and tube casings. The name of the company represents the five sons of the Company Founder Ghulam Abbas. He is the chief executive of Qadir Bukhsh and Sons very well-renowned company in the field of sheep casings business.


Our Team

Ghulam Abbas


Muzammel Abbas

Managing Director

M. Shahbaz

Purchase Manager

Qadir Bukhsh

Production Manager

We work through every aspect at the planning


We traveled to different countries and make a very strong trust connection with buyers.

Now his vision is to add his sons and grandsons who are experts in different fields of business.

The group consists of Five member companies in Multan. These companies are interconnected and create an entity managed as a single unit through a divisional organization system.

Member companies of Five Stars Group are Five Stars Casing, Five Stars Beef Casing, Five Stars Textile, and Five Stars Crafts ( with Brand Name Rohi Craft), and the parent company name is Five Stars Casing which is the basic family business of the five stars casings from last four generations.

Five Stars Sheep CASING
We Produce IA, AB, IB & BC Quality Specifications are as under

AB Quality
Strong texture 60% sheep & 40% goat Pakistani material. Natural white color good smell no dark pieces Small pieces not less than 2meter / 16-18 Ends / 90 Meter.
IA Quality
Strong texture 99% sheep, Afghani material. Natural white color good smell no dark pieces Small pieces not less than 2Meter / 16Ends / 90 Meter, 3Meter / 14Ends / 90 Meter & 5Meter / 12Ends / 90 Meter.
IB Quality
During the selection of Afghani material IB quality selected about 85% sheep and 15% goat casings. 2Meter / 16Ends / 90 Meter.
BC Quality
Receive During selection of Afghani and Pakistani material. Small pieces not less than 2Meter / 20-21Ends / 90 Meter. 1 or 2 pinholes are allowed in long pieces and small sprinkles in strong pieces. No fragile and blow up spots in casings.

beef casings are tougher than hog casings and should be soaked in water longer. When making fermented sausages beef casings also have a higher tendency to become slimy during fermentation or the drying stage. This is a minor inconvenience and the slime is simply wiped off. • Beef rounds – are the small intestines and derive their name from their characteristic “ring” or “round” shape.
• Beef middles – are the large and straight intestines. • Beef bungs – are used for making large sausages like mortadella or large bologna. • Beef bladders – are the largest casings and will hold up to 14 lbs. (6.5 kg) of sausage. They are used for mortadella, pepperoni and minced ham sausages.
FIVE STARS TEXTILE is a manufacturer of Cotton Kitchen Towels, Terry Towels, Jersey Fitted Sheets, Canvas Bags, Bathrobes and Hospital, Hotel Clothing using pure Cotton, Recycled Cotton, Linen, Bamboo, Modal, Polyester, and various blends. Five Stars

We design and develop prototypes of products and packaging. We produce in bulk. We have one of the lowest-cost production facilities in the textile world.

Five Stars Textile is located in Multan, Pakistan. the largest cot cotton-producing strict and most peaceful city in Southern Punjab. Five Stars Textile’s team is comprised of 25 experienced professionals and 100 skilled workers. Serving a wide range of partners including Hotels, Hospitals, Wholesalers, Online Retailers, Private Label FBA Sellers, Laundries, Promotional Companies and many more,

Five stars Craft ( Rohi Crafts )
Multan Blue Pottery.Multan is one of the oldest cities of Pakistan. It has a rich history and heritage. And is well known for its blue pottery known as Kashikari. Pottery is one of the oldest skill humans have learnt. In Multan skilled artisans used to get the clay from the Indus river bed which had the perfect clay for pottery and drew on it sophisticated patterns and then painted it blue and white. The patterns and designs were insipired by nature or were geometric shapes- which the Muslim world was well known for.
The group consists of Five member companies in Multan. These companies are interconnected and create an entity managed as a single unit through a divisional organization system.

FIVE STARS CASINGS Is Committed To Providing Its Customers Best products Which Are Prepared According To Food Safety And Hygiene Principles Ensuring Food Safety Awareness And Strictly Adhering To Current Good Manufacturing Practices, All Applicable Statutory Laws, and Customers Requirements. We Will Not Only Keep Ourselves A Best With In-House Continuous Training To Learn What Is New In The Industry But We Also Make Sure That The Latest Trends In The Field Of Processing Of Sheep Casings Are Followed, And Continuously Monitored At FIVE STARS CASINGS for others to follow also.