Beef Casing


The total length of the small and large intestines is about twenty times the length of the body in cattle.

1. – Weasand,
2. – Beef Casings (Runners)
3. – Bung,
4. – Middles,
5. Straight Casing

Weasands (oesophagus of cattle).

After the musculature is removed from the outside the weasands are washed turned inside out, cleaned, inflated with air, graded and dried. They are used for large sausages; their length varies from 45 to 60 cm and over.

Beef Casings (“Runners”)

Beef Rounds get their name for their characteristic “ring” or “round” shape. Beef Rounds are used for Ring Bologna, Ring Liver Sausage, Mettwurst, Polish Sausage, Blood Sausage, Kishka and Holsteiner Available in bundles of 30 yards. The small intestines of cattle have an average length of 40 m the average diameter is 5 to 6 cm. The rounds are turned inside out and slimed; the mucosa and serosa are removed from the intestines leaving the submucosa and both smooth muscle layers which, in beef intestines are much thicker than in pig intestines. After submerging in water and washing, rounds are calibrated, tied and salted. Salted rounds are marketed in sets not less than 100 yards (91. m) each set containing a maximum of five pieces. Beef rounds are used for stuffing ring sausages.Beef rounds are classified in wide (38mm and over), medium (35 to 38 mm) and narrow (35 mm and under).

Beef Bung Caps.

The caecum or blind gut has an average length of 75cm and diameter of 12 cm. Caecums are substantially processed in the same way as beef middles. Beef bungs are used for stuffing cooked sausages, capicola, large bologna etc. Their diameter varies from 76 to 102 mm. Beef Bung Caps are used for Capicolla, Veal Sausage, Large Bologna, Lebanon and Cooked Salami and are sold by the piece, with 5-10 pieces per bundle.

Beef Middles.

The middles are separated from the ruffle, flushed out with water, trimmed free of fat, turned over, slimed and salted. Beef middles also include the “straight” casing and are packed in sets each measuring about 17 m after salting and composed of 5 pieces. Beef middles (narrow end, wide end and fat end) are used as containers for different salamis and other large-diameter sausage products. Beef Middles can be used for Leona Style Sausage, all other types of Bologna, Dry and Semi-dry Cervelates, Dry and Cooked Salami and Veal Sausage. Beef middles are measured in sets or bundles of 20 yards. Beef middles can be sewn so they have a uniform diameter and uniform length with or without a hanger (stitching loop).

Beef Bladders.

Beef bladders are washed, turned over and either salted or inflated with air and dried. They are used for mortadellas, different sausage specialties etc. Beef bladders are usually graded in large, medium and small sizes.
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